This Foundation strongly supports sports by encouraging young people with a scholarship program and by transmitting strong values such as respect, fellowship and sporting ethics.

Although the Foundation was created to help children in the sports practice, particularly padel, its purpose is not only that they get on in this area, but that this gives great importance to their academic and personal background, encouraging collaboration with parents and in the family, as well as transmitting the importance of friendship.

With this approach, a group of minor boys and girls receives a scholarship and they are supported in their tactical and physical trainings, they receive physiotherapy assistance, school support, psychological help, coaching during the tournaments in which they compete, traveling, accommodations and so on.

The first season has already been completed; this helped to obtain a great learning and to initiate the project. Although this experience has been hard, it has also been successful. For the next seasons, all knowledge acquired in all aspects will be applied, including those of the training and coaching section guided by Rodrigo Ovide.